Coin Base is the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform that is designed with seamless user experienced in mind, optimized for speed and well-fortified against both internal and external threats that rock other exchange platforms.

Bitcoin BTC

$ 61,054.00 3.03%

Ethereum ETH

$ 3,257.70 2.52%

Ripple XRP

$ 0.52 -0.29%

Create your cryptocurrency portfolio today to diversify your crypto asset with ease

Coin Base is created just for you with several features to help start your investment portfolio, making it the best place to start trading.

Manage your Asset portfolio

Buy and sell (trade) popular cryptocurrency and altcoins and keep track of your asset with ease in one place.

Recurring buys

We are set to help you invest in cryptocurrency slowly over time with the option to schedule buys on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Vault protection

To further secure your asset class, our vault protection feature includes time delayed withdrawals.

Mobile apps

Monitor your portfolio on the go and stay on top of the markets with the Coin Base app for Android or iOS.

A cryptocurrency exchange is a business of trust, and we are the leader of it

Why Choose Coin Base

Create an account
Link your bank account
Start buying & selling

Secure storage

We store the vast majority of your cryptocurrency assets in secure cold storage facilities - all offline, and also preserve the sensitive data of our platform users.

Protected by insurance

The Cryptocurrencies stored on our servers are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy to protect you and militate against unforeseen circumstances.

Industry best practices

As the master of the game, Coin Base ensures that the best industry practices are followed, and we support a variety of the most popular digital currencies.

Coin Base is powered by Dreamster, A powerful, safe, and rewarding coin with a lot of advantages for its holders

Loyalty Program

You get rewarded handsomely by 'hodling' Dreamster in your account.

Reduced Fees

Save up to 50% off the transaction fee on Coin Base is availavle with the Coin Base trade pass.

Token Lottery

As a platform user, you get access to participate in our Coin Base lottery.

Voting Rights

With this feature, you have the option to choose the next coin or token you want to see on the platform.


You get rewarded with a commission discount for locking and keeping your Dreamster on the platform for a specific length of time.

Stacking Assets

Are you scared of volatility? You can stack in our safe term deposit that pays you a handsome interest.

Trade Pass

As a heavy trader, you get a monthly trading pass that saves you a lot of money on trading fees.

Coin Base

You get up to 50% of trade commissions from your friends and referrals.

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

You can invest in interesting and legal projects with Dreamster.

Platform features

Coin Base is a safe and secure platform for everyone. Here are some of its excellent features:


Coin Base is committed to protecting users' funds and their data. We preserve the platform with constant end-to-end encryption for a safe cold storage facility to ensure maximum protection.

DDOS Protection

Coin Base servers are hosted and protected by industry leaders. They ensure the stability of our platform with zero lag between orders.

Easy to Use

Coin Base is a very intuitive platform with a user-friendly interface to ease navigation and experience.

Expert Team

We understand that having a strong management team and proven business strategies in place are foundational to the success of this platform. Our experts are constantly monitoring the platform activities and are here to assist you if you need support.

Trading Devices

Our platform is compatible with the latest web browsers. We also have fully functional mobile apps for IOS & Android.


We are compliant with the laws and have all the latest secured processes to operate our platforms legally. No money laundering is undeetaken on our platform.


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